Rabbi Dr. Analia Bortz, MD; Bioethicist.

Rabbi Dr. Bortz is married to Rabbi Mario Karpuj and they have 2 daughters, Tamar (24) and Adina (19). Rabbi Dr. Analia Bortz, full time Rabbi at Congregation Or Hadash, Sandy Springs, Atlanta, a Congregation that they founded in 2003. Grew from 50 original families to 400 families in 10 years. Rabbi Bortz has 25 years of experience as a pulpit Rabbi. She is the first Latin America female Rabbi who completed her Rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem as a student of the “Seminario Rabinico LatinoAmericano Marshall T. Meyer”.

"I decided to become a Rabbi when I was 18 years old. There were no women Rabbis ordained in South America at that time. There were many barriers and prejudices to conquer and overcome. At that same time I was a medical student at Universidad Buenos Aires. I realized that I wanted to help people in a holistic way. My goal was to penetrate to the essence of the wholeness and find the Divine spark in each human being, body & soul.

The words of Abraham Joshua Heschel inspired me “Medicine is Religion in acts and Religion is Medicine in     Prayers”

I enjoy merging my vocation as a Rabbi, a Medical Doctor and a Bioethicist. My background allows me to see the Human Soul/Body as a holistic concept, to approach members of my congregation, students as well as patients with an open mind, explores endless horizons. I enjoy researching new technologies and developments on bioethical issues from a Jewish perspective and to convey my knowledge to those who I serve.

My work in the aftermath of hurricane Katharine or missions in Honduras to rescue children struggling with addictions have taught me how to find that Divine spark and have nourished my soul and warmed my spirit.

Our fertility groups started in 2005 and over 100 babies of the couples that have participated in this group have been born since then. The pleasures of seeing these families grow and fulfilling their dreams have brought a sense of hope against adversities.

  • As a Medical Doctor, Dr Bortz has served in different Hospital and Private Clinics in Buenos Aires-Argentina, Jerusalem Israel, Valparaiso Chile and Atlanta, GA-USA. 
  • Vocal activist as combatant of anti-Semitism in the aftermath of the Israel Embassy (1991) and AMIA explosion (1994), Buenos Aires-Argentina.
  •  As a Bioethicist, Dr Bortz helped to creat the Bioethics Committees in Chile and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
  • Analia is a Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, graduated in 2007.
  • Analia is an active member of JScreen advocating for research and prophylaxis of genetic disorders with more incidences in the Ashkenazi Jewish population.
  • Rabbi Dr. is the founder of “Hope for Seeds”. Women struggling with infertility.
  • Rabbi Bortz is a judge for the National Council of Jewish Books (Annual Awards of Jewish Book in the History & Zionism category).
  • Rabbi Dr. Bortz is a Rabbinic Advisory Board member of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and North America.
  • Member of Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta.
  • Former Board member of FIDF SouthEast Region.
  • Board member of JNF SouthEast Region.
  • Alumna of African American- Jewish Coalition.
  • Delegate of BEINGS (BIOTECH and Ethical Imagination)2015 , Emory University
  • Rabbi Bortz is a faculty member of the Florence Melton Adult Mini School, a project of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Rabbi Dr. Bortz is a Board member of Interfaith Children's Movement,
  • Dr. Bortz is a National Council Board at AIPAC.
  • Dr. Bortz is the recipient of YWCA Women of Achievement award 2011.
  • Rabbi Dr. Analia Bortz has been nominated as Jewish Hero of the year 2011-5772  
  • Author of “En la búsqueda Permanente de la Respuesta Divina” “Permanent seekers of God’s Answers: Struggles with Bioethical quests” , Majshavot 2013, Author of Text Messages Parashat Nitzavim. Jewish Lights 2012, Author of “En la búsqueda Permanente de la Respuesta Divina” “Permanent seekers of God’s Answers: Struggles with Bioethical quests” , Majshavot 2013, Text Messages Parashat Nitzavim. Jewish Lights 2012, 

  • Rabbi Dr. Bortz is currently working on her next publication: “The Power of the Voice: A Rabbi’s Journey in a Trappist Monastic Life”, 2015.