Mitzvah Project

​​​Why choose JFF for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah project?

  • I was born as a result of fertility treatments. 
  • I was adopted into my family. 
  • I know someone who needed special help from doctors or through adoption to grow their family.
  • I will have the opportunity to help families build their families.
  • “L’dor Va’dor”, meaning from generation to generation. I will have a part in building the next generation of Jewish people.

Ways to Participate:

  • % of your gifts - One form of donation, is to donate a percentage of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah gift money to JFF. The percentage is up to you entirely and every amount you raise is valuable to our cause.
  • Volunteering with our organization  -  Personalizing an opportunity for you to get involved in our work. 
  • Create your own fundraiser - Help us fundraise. This is an interactive way for you, your friends, and family to get involved. (We will help set up a personalized page for you to donate - contact Omer Friedman for more info!)
    • Doing so includes:
      • raising awareness around infertility in the Jewish community,
      • setting a goal amount you wish to raise,
      • sending emails and post flyers within your school and community.