Top 8 Ways You and Your Congregation Can Be 
Supportive of Those Going Through Infertility

  1. STRESSFUL: Understand that infertility causes stress on the whole family. 
  2. CRISIS: Infertility can lead to spiritual crisis and your congregants need you to be supportive and informed.
  3. PRAYER: Speak about the hardships of infertility or say a prayer at the High Holidays when mentioning the new babies born that year.
  4. SUPPORT GROUP: Host a Infertility Support support group at your synagogue. The Jewish Fertility Foundation is here to help you start a group in your community. See calendar for upcoming meetings
  5. MESSAGING: Place supportive messages in your congregation bulletin. For example,“Are you or someone you love experiencing infertility, contact for support.”
  6. RECOGNITION: At baby naming’s or bris’ recognize that there are those attending that are struggling just to be there, due to their infertility . Say a prayer or comment to recognize those that are trying to conceive.  
  7. COUNSELING: When couples come to you for pre-marital counseling, discuss with them about the importance of genetic and infertility screening. Refer them to JScreen or their OB/GYN for infertility screening. 
  8. PROGRAMMING: Recognize the importance of programming for those that are choosing to live child free or who haven’t begun to start their families.