Marisa Phillips

I am a Cincinnati local that returned back home after time in Bloomington, Indiana and New York City almost 9 years ago with my husband Joel.  Joel is a long way from home, hailing from across the pond, London! He and I met in NYC, got married in Cincy, stayed in NYC for a few more years and then came home to start a family.

I currently work part time for the JCC as the PJ Library Coordinator.  When I’m not working you can still usually find me at the JCC, swimming laps, taking Traci’s fun dance class, or hanging around the café!

Why JFF? When Joel and I started talking about trying for a family my first stop was my OBGYN.  She told me to go off the pill, give it 3 months and if I don’t get my period, we can start discussing options.  So in those 3 months, I waited.  I even ran the NYC Marathon with a tampon in my sports bra just in case I shook out my first period! During this time, Joel and I left NYC and moved back to Cincinnati where we put the whole thing on hold.  My dad was very sick at the time and we were just getting settled in to Cincinnati while still living at home with my parents! After months went by, no period, and going back to the doctor and tests and clomid and tests and clomid later, we learned our problems. On both sides.  In the end, after rounds of IUI’s and one successful round of IVF…..our boy/girl twins will be turning 8 in March!

Infertility is something so many people struggle with and not enough talk about.  When I was approached about JFF, I did not hesitate for a moment that this was something I wanted to be involved in.  I am honored and feel privileged to be a part of this from the very beginning.