In the Fertility Buddies peer support program, we practice “relationship based support.” The emphasis is on building a secure and trusting relationship. Being “held” emotionally is something that makes us feel loved and valued. Fertility Buddies are there, regularly and consistently and give the freedom and space to process your own experience. They are not there to direct the experience or give advice. This allows you to feel safe enough to take what you need from the relationship. Confidentiality is an important part of this relationship.  

Fertility Buddies are: 

  • paired up according to geography, style, needs, and preferences and 
  • trained by a licensed infertility therapist.

Additonal Types of Fertility Buddies include:

  • Retired Fertility Clinic Nurse - navigating fertility clinics, medical questions
  • ​Retired Infertility Therapist - emotional support
  • Insurance Broker - assistance around insurance coverage
  • Intended Grandparents

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