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"JScreen, a Jewish genetic disease screening program, sometimes identifies Jewish or interfaith couples at high risk for having children with genetic diseases.  While IVF with preimplantation genetic diagnosis and other reproductive technologies are available to help these couples maximize their chances for having healthy children, many couples do not have the resources needed to take advantage of these procedures. JScreen partners with JFF to help couples access these technologies and plan ahead for healthy families."Karen Arnovitz Grinzaid, MS, LCGC, CCRC Executive Director, JScreen Instructor, Emory University School of Medicine


"To say that going thru infertility treatment is overwhelming would be an understatement. It's a difficult process on so many planes. It's physically and emotionally draining, it's extremely expensive, and it's so time-consuming. We have just heard back that our first embryo transfer thru IVF was unsuccessful and it's so difficult to digest, but JFF has been so helpful on so many levels, and they play a large role in how we continue to be hopeful and positive.

JFF has eased the financial burden tremendously. They didn't only help us get a grant, but they also helped us obtain a loan thru JIFLA. Elana helped us thru the application process and even let me drop off the application at her home since she was flying out of town and recognized how much an earlier answer to our application would mean to us. JFF has also been an invaluable resource in helping us make medical decisions. The IVF route is one with ubiquitous questions and uncertainty, and Elana has helped us contact people who've undergone similar routines or seek medical expertise from people more knowledgeable than we are. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have received this grant and hope others take advantage of this priceless resource for the Jewish community."​ Anonymous 


"I just wanted to share the good news, that after 7 years, I am pregnant! Our treatment   worked and we wanted to thank you and the Foundation so much for your help in our process!!! ​We are 19 weeks along and it still feels pretty surreal but getting more real with every day that passes..." Anonymous
Update: "Our beautiful son, Hillel, is now 15 months old. We're still amazed and so grateful to everyone that helped us with this process.  Now, my husband and I are paying it forward and are serving in the Fertility Buddy peer-to-peer program. Thanks to the work of the Jewish Fertility Foundation, we are stepping forward and helping to break the stigma and shame of infertility." Shira (and Elie) Avitan

Attended "loving someone with infertility" panel talk

"The program was amazing support for those that are here to help loved ones going through infertility. So nice that JFF provides thats services." Anonymous

"The variety of speakers and viewpoints/knowledge that they added was the best part about the program, not to mention the fact that it was live streamed." Anonymous

"The openness of all the speakers was the best part of the program. Everyone seemed approachable and forthcoming with information."Anonymous
"Having the psychologists perspective to validate the feelings & emotiuons was unexpected but very helpful." Anonymous



"I learned about the Jewish Fertility Foundation after four years of trying to bring a child into my life, and it has utterly transformed the struggle.  Everyone—everyone—I met through the organization is exceptional.  Elana Frank connected me to three different people, each of whom connected me to still more people.  When they reached my voicemail, they left messages.  Or they left messages AND they sent text messages.  It was clear that these were women who understood that someone undergoing fertility treatment is always waiting for a return phone call.  They didn’t make me wait for the emotional support and information I needed--immediately.  Most extraordinary of all, the “fertility buddy” I was matched to invited me to stay with her and her family (I live several hours outside Atlanta) for two weeks while I underwent treatment at RBA.  Reducing stress, anxiety, and worry can only help, and that’s exactly what my “buddy” did for me.  Truly exceptional!  I can’t wait to give back to this foundation when my child is born."Anonymous 

FOUND REnewed hope in a coffee shop

"When we discovered that we had infertility issues, it was truly devastating. We never imagined that we would have complications having children. We already had many ideas and plans for how we would raise our children and had such high hopes. We thought we could fix the problem by changing our lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, etc. Although all those changes were positive for our lives, it did not bring us children. As time passed, we accepted that we needed professional assistance from an infertility specialist. We held out hope that a IUI or two would do the trick, but unfortunately, they did not bear fruit. We realized that we may need to take it to the next step with an IVF, which was financially challenging for us. 

We were lucky to find a JFF flyer in a coffee shop and made the call. We were received warmly by Elana and company and we did not feel alone anymore. JFF provided us with a generous grant and a wealth of resources and support. JFF gave us renewed hope and confidence that we will achieve our hopes to have a family. We are forever in their debt. We are looking forward to being a JFF success story in the near future." Yael and Brian Tranter


"I am so happy to have the opportunity to receive help from such a wonderful foundation as JFF and  more so it has been such a delight to get to work with such amazing ladies as both of you on this journey! As this process is not at all easy and pretty emotional you two have made it so much better to go through! My husband and I were admiring your work ethics and can not say enough how much we appreciate everything you have done to help us! I truly hope we can one day return the favor!"